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Agile marketing is a methodology that is governed by an uncompromising commitment to customer needs. The buyer decides what we sell and how.

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Who We Are

Agile marketing is a methodology that is governed by an uncompromising commitment to customer needs. The buyer decides what we sell and how.

It is the same guiding principle that dictates agile business. In short, it’s simply good business. We use the abundance of real-time data to identify and engage with an audience by being customer centric first, revenue driven second.

In the online world, we have the ability to scale our audience almost instantly. We also have the ability to annoy the masses by voicing without listening.

Agile marketing and an agile business approach is our ethos, our North.

Our business’ success is defined purely by our clients’ level of engagement to an audience.

Agile marketing is the intricate communication strategy to identify, educate, engage and influence a market. Often this is a self reflective process for a business. Driving necessary change internally before an authentic communication strategy can be defined.

We have the consulting capability in-house to work with partners to drive this change as part of the entire programme of work.

An agile marketing manifesto was collated by a group of inventive marketing pioneers in 2012. This achieved the intended goal of outlining the values of the agile marketing principles.

Agile marketers value

Validated learning over opinions and conventions
Customer-focused collaboration over silos and hierarchy
Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big Bang campaigns
The process of customer discovery over static prediction
Flexible vs rigid planning
Responding to change over following a plan
Many small experiments over a few large bets

There is an organic business regulator in the new wave of business. How we attribute, nurture and convert a lead is now so much more honest, so much more driven by the customer.

Our rigid sales funnel that we use to define for our customers is now defined by them. We are forced to help, offer advice expend our industry knowledge with complete transparency. Agile marketers do not fight this- we embrace it.

We educate, we help solve problems, we are proud of our solutions regardless of the direct transaction gain. We offer real value, and in turn, we truly are valued.

There is something very honest, pure and self regulating about this shift. We are better professionals, businesses, people because of it.

The core capability is based around our ability to

Gather and interpret relevant data
Make intelligent decisions with agility based on the data
Implement changes in real time
Track, optimise- rinse and repeat

Integrated marketing is an evolution. We have the capability inhouse to work with businesses strategically and implement projects in real time. This covers inhouse journalists and copywriters, digital strategists, developers and designers.

This is a partnership now. If you go into business with us at Agile Marketing we are all invested in the outcome. You walk us through your business and we take it on board and use that to guide you through business solutions.

Our Mission

Agile Marketing choose to work closely with a limited number of core clients and with our in house business consulting expertise we ensure your digital assets fulfil profit goals.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on the core values we take into every business relationship: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Value.

Our Strength

Agile Marketing has the rare ability to understand the critical facets of an industry, its competitors and your opportunity within it. We can guide you through that door.

Our Difference

We don’t consider ourselves ‘digital strategists,’ we are growth strategists who understand business intimately. It’s just all that business takes place online these days.

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