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When people ask, what is content marketing?, the first thing that comes to mind is content. Any content strategy involves creating and publishing high-quality content. But you also need content promotion channels in place to help people who would appreciate this content find it. Then guide potential customers to your website where your focus on SEO will help you secure those top spots in searches. 

These 10 content promotion tools will help you accomplish your content strategy goals.

1. Hootsuite

Small and medium businesses alike struggle with social media consistency and continuity. Other things get in the way. Time is limited. And before they know it, they haven’t updated their pages in over a week. But if your social media presence is inconsistent, you won’t be able to gain traction.  

Hootsuite solves this. It helps you consistently execute your content strategy with useful features like:

  • Share a post on multiple platforms at once (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Schedule a month of posts out in advance
  • Keep creative ideas flowing by tracking what people are talking about in your industry
  • Track performance across platforms through analytics

Professional plans start at A$27/mo making this one of the most affordable content marketing strategy tools out there.

2. Meetedgar

Meetegar is another social media scheduling tool. The difference is that it pulls quotes from the blog posts and videos that you create for SEO and social media sharing. So you can automate the sharing process when you publish new content.

Added category scheduling features make it easier to organise your posts and put some of your social media on autopilot. But this level of automation costs more, A$70/mo.

3. Buffer

Buffer is similar to Hootsuite with fewer features but also a slightly lower price. If you need to start small and work your way up to more advanced tools, Buffer is a good place to start at A$21/mo.

4. Taboola

Distribution is an important part of your SEO and content marketing strategy. And social media sharing alone may not be enough. Taboola uses a cost per click (CPC) pay system similar to AdWords to get your content onto the best websites and platforms.

5. Tailwind

Hootsuite and other social media scheduling/analytics tools are limited when it comes to more visual social media like Pinterest and Instagram. Tailwind is specifically designed for these sites and helps you manage the full range of features these sites offer from one place.

Tailwind starts at A$14/mo for a “blogger plan”. And the professional plan starting around A$1100/mo is well worth the money as long as you invest the time or work with SEO services and content marketing agency to get the most out of these platforms.

6. Outbrain

You’ve likely seen Outbrain on news and other websites. Similar to Taboola, they promote your content marketing content on premium sites that get millions of views a day. And you only pay when people click on our content. They have a A$14 daily minimum, which is nothing compared to the value of their service.

When using Outbrain and Taboola, optimize content for impact and keep attention to see a good return on your investment.

7. Buzzsumo

You want to create content that your target customers will enjoy and talk about. But constantly coming up with new and fresh ideas exhausts even the most creative people. To make matters worse, it feels like a complete waste when you create content that doesn’t soar like you thought it would. 

Buzzsumo is like testing your content ideas before you take any time to create the content. This tool:

  • Tracks the most popular content in your industry and suggests topics for content marketing so you never run out of ideas
  • Analyses viral content in your industry to understand what makes it tick. Re-create a viral experience.
  • Identifies influential people who share content in your industry. Reach out to these influencers to build partnerships to enhance your content strategy.

Plans start at A$141/mo. A content marketing agency knows how to help you get the most out of content promotion tools like this one.

8. Medium

Medium is a blog re-posting platform where millions of readers come to view your best content.  While there has been some debate over the years about whether re-posting content from your website on another platform hurts your SEO, an SEO agency understands the steps to take to leverage your content and bring people back to your website without damaging your own SEO rankings.

9. Viral Content Bee

This free content promotion tool creates a win-win partnership between those who want to share their own content for SEO and content marketing strategy purposes and those who want to curate and share the content of to boost their social media presence. As a business, you are on both sides of that equation.

10. Linkedin Pulse

Primarily for B2B companies, Linkedin Pulse allows you to promote your content through Linkedin’s content recommendation system. No selecting a target audience required. Linkedin users choose the types of content they want to see. When you build content around your buyer personas, you’ll share the type of content the right business buying decision-makers are looking for.

Linkedin Pulse includes detailed analytics so you understand how your content performs with your target audience.

Boost Your Content Strategy with Content Promotion Tools 

Producing high-quality content is important. But you also need the right content promotion tools in place to increase visibility. Some of these tools can be cost-prohibitive. That’s where working with an SEO agency or content marketing agency helps. They have these tools and expertise to put them to work for you.

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